Below are some of the agencies currently representing my Sci-Fi & Space Art imagery. To purchase digital files of my images for personal or commercial use directly, please visit my Digital Files store listed to the left or click on the digital file link below an image. If you don't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me regarding your project.

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Here is a partial list of some of the companies, organizations, and institutions that have chosen to use my work (Hungary)

Artyllect Consulting


AZO Materials 

Big Online News 



Browns Books 

Castrol USA 

China Academy of Space Technology 

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

China News Weekly

Collins Dictionaries 

Colorado Newsday 

Coventry University (United Kingdom) 

Dobri Novini (Bulgaria) 

Elevemos Mexico

Forum News (Bulgaria) 

Great Indian News 

History Channel (Portugese)

Huffington Post (Greece) 

India Reflects 



Institut Polytechnique des Sciences (France)


Las Vegas Review-Journal

Leonardo News (Italy)


Mprint (Estonia)

National Geographic 


Pakistan Defence  

QIP News (Russia)

 SVET24 (Slovenian Television) 

The Bangalore Mirror (India) 

The Daily Caller 

The Daily Mail (London)

The Solari Report 

The Sunday Express of London 

The Times of India

Times of Malta

Vanderbilt University 

Visar News (India) 

ZET News (Czech Republic)