Growing up in Central Florida in the 50’s and 60’s was a magical time.

Standing in my yard or at the beach, one could witness history. You could see, feel, and hear the rockets leaving the launch pads of the Cape towards outer space. The ground shook as the rockets leapt skyward with a deafening roar as humans began a new chapter of exploration.

After Central Florida was invaded by a giant, three-fingered cartoon rodent named Mickey, I headed to the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains to major in Studio Art. In college, I began compositing photographs before the advent of personal computers… Before PC’s!…that’ll show how old you are. In the mid-70’s, while working as my college newspaper’s photographer, I began using darkroom techniques to create “trick photography” shots for the lampoon style newspaper.

Today, I still use a camera to collect images to combine with Photoshop “paintings” and NASA public domain images to create my own view of outer space and our universe. My images have been used by national science and technology institutes around the world, TV, commercial advertising, and print publications such as National Geographic.